Denise Cox Designs are about substance, color, and passion for provenance and craftsmanship. The line is very contemporary, indicative of Denise’s facility with trends in fashion – she has an ability to zero in on looks that speak to her, and interpret them in a unique, fashion-forward (but never fashion-victim!) way. Classic with a twist, her jewelry is designed to complement her customers’ personal style, the perfect finishing touch for casual and formal attire.

While contemporary in style, Denise’s designs are rooted in traditional materials and motifs, techniques and textiles. She is often inspired by her travels, whether it’s the beautifully presented market stalls in Budapest, the graphic motifs and turquoise waters of Greece, or the intricate, handmade textiles found in India; she loves to weave the visual narrative of her journeys into the concepts for her designs. A necklace that is particularly close to her heart is an example of how her design process often develops:

Denise invests extraordinary effort to ensure that her pieces are crafted in the tradition of the great fine jewelry houses; each mold is hand-made by an accomplished artisan, and stones are set with precision and care. Every detail has been considered, including functionality and durability, so that it can be worn comfortably for many years to come.

Denise Cox Designs reflect the artist’s craft, but ultimately compliment the personal style of the wearer. Each piece has a history, and tells a story. Once chosen, once worn, the story is yours...

Denise began her career as an art director, working in New York with Warner Bros. and Disney after graduating with a degree in Graphic Design and Marketing from Drexel University. She eventually established her own freelance marketing and design business focused on the apparel licensing business. As a hobby, she began designing beaded jewelry and handbags and creating a network of partners, vendors and retailers. But it wasn’t until she was in process of adopting her little girl that Denise began getting more involved in jewelry design. In doing research on an organization called Help Us Adopt, she decided to contact the co-founder, Becky Fawcett, to collaborate on designing a bracelet and necklace that could be sold on the website. 100% of the proceeds were donated to the cause, and it was such a fulfilling project that Denise began to seek out other opportunities. She launched her own line, in addition to donating her time and concepts to other non-profits to help boost fundraising efforts.

Over the years, Denise has grown as a designer and although she is still an avid beader and adores collecting unusual stones and beads from all over the world, her aesthetic has evolved. Her newest jewelry collections are designed to feature her logo as centerpiece, in an array of substantial, bold pieces with colorful accents.

Denise is based in Brookfield, Connecticut, where she lives with her husband and cherished daughter. Her focus is on developing her own signature lines of jewelry and handbags, and she continues to be passionate about a range of causes and charities, including Lyme Disease, Hemophilia, Cancer Research, The Women’s Center of Danbury, Building Homes for Heroes and local schools.